John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 48

*Restrain them from Evil “The Lord disciplines those he loves.” Hebrews 12:6 NIV What can we do that all our household may serve the Lord? May we not endeavor, first, to restrain them from all outward sin—from taking the name of God in vain and doing needless work on the Lord’s Day? Those you hireContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 48”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 47

*Guarding with Prayer Put on the whole armor of God, that you may able to stand. Ephesians 6:11 NKJV Guard against wicked spirits who continually strive to infuse unbelief, pride, idolatry, malice, envy, anger, hatred in heavenly places, which were once their dwelling place and which they still aspire to as far as they areContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 47”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 46

*Having a Form of Godliness Having a form of godliness but denying its power. 2 Timothy 3:5 NIV Those who have a form of godliness do not merely abstain from all outward evil, doing all possible good. They also use the means of grace at all opportunities, especially by attending the house of God asContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 46”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 45

*Praying for Salvation The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. Psalm 19:8 NIV There is a kind of order wherein God Himself is generally pleased to use these means in bringing a sinner to salvation. One goes senselessly on in his own way. God comes upon him unaware—by an awakeningContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 45”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 44

*Counting on Prayer “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 7:21 NIV Our Lord’s expression in this text implies (to begin at the lowest point) all good words, all verbal religion. It includes whatever creeds we may recite, whatever professions of faith we make, whatever numbers ofContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 44”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 43

*Altogether a Christian: The love of God “ ’Love the Lord your God with all your heart.’ ” Matthew 22:37 NASB We come, second, to what is implied in being altogether a Christian. First, the love of God. So says his Word: “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, withContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 43”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 42

*Sustaining Spiritual Birth “So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8 NASB When one is born of God, born of the Spirit, how the manner of his existence is changed! His whole soul is now sensible of God, and he can say, by sure experience, “You are about my bed and aboutContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 42”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 41

*Praying for Grace Teach me your way, O Lord; lead me in a straight path. Psalm 27:11 NIV By observing the order in which God leads a sinner, we may learn what means to recommend to any particular end. If any thing will teach a careless sinner, it is probably hearing, or conversation, if heContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 41”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 40

*Sing of His Love …declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts…and will remember their sins no more. Hebrews 8:10, 12 NIV After you have used any of these means of grace, take care how you value yourself on them; how you congratulate yourself as havingContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 40”

John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 39

*Taking Care of the Body Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 NASB These “houses of clay” which clothe our spirits require constant reparation, or they will sink into the earth even sooner than nature requires. Daily food is necessary to preventContinue reading “John Wesley on Prayer Lesson 39”