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Rev. Dr. J. Patrick
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Statement of Faith
A general Statement
of Faith

Our Wesleyan Expression
A more specific overview of
our Wesleyan beliefs and

Ministries we support

Landscape Design
Patrick is also a landscape
designer. See more here.

Preacher with a Pen Blog
Our local blog with
various topics from

Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman

Quips and Quotes
Little bits and pieces

Teaching and Media
Access various teaching
and media resources from
Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowm

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Good Friends Far and Wide

NAWE Voices
Assorted teaching and
media from members of
the National Association
of Wesleyan Evangelicals

Research Links
Links to various sites
for Wesleyan-Holiness

Wesleyan Voices
Assorted teaching and
media from a wide
variety of Wesleyan

Steve Garrett
Various media and
surprises from a
local elder and great

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