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Are you hungry to see revival break out in our day? Are there ways we can position ourselves for a major move of God? Drawing on one leader’s successful vision for renewal in his kingdom, Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman outlines Hezekiah’s pattern for revival from 2 Chronicles 29 in a series of four essays. Looking at examples of these pattern pieces in historical and contemporary contexts from various sources, Bowman makes a good argument that although Hezekiah’s model is not the only one in scripture, it is still a significant model and viable for today’s church.

As we read the first chapter of Isaiah, it’s as though Isaiah has dice in his hand. Three sides say “Judgment” and three sides say “Redemption.” And he tosses it time and time again, expounding on whatever side lands topside. Both judgment and redemption happen for a reason, and God is never shy in His word regarding what precedes either one. Preceding factors are often the actions of men, although not in the thinking of men, because it is often without thought and consideration that decisions are made and plans set in motion that affect persons, families, and nations for generations. So the big picture is more a game of choice than a game of chance.

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