Essays on Revival

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman, DBS

“I continue to dream and pray about a revival of holiness in our day that moves forth in mission and creates authentic community in which each person can be unleashed through the empowerment of the Spirit to fulfill God’s creational intentions.”

John Wesley

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It’s safe to say that any treatment of revival will cover some points adequately and miss many others completely. That being said, I seek to take a reasonably narrow swatch in my cutting of the subject. In choosing 2 Chronicles 29 as a text for revival and Hezekiah as an example of one ushering in revival, I know much that could be said on the subject won’t be. But I also believe the revival pattern revealed in this series of essays is rich enough to give the hungry reader a satisfying meal.

There are many scriptural texts with fine examples of revivals and revival leaders in the Bible. The patterns revealed therein are as varied as those leaders and events. To call any pattern exclusive when writing about the affairs of an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God is beyond the scope of my knowledge and good sense.

But although my swatch is narrow, I wrote with a broad application in mind. I am thankful for the writers who wrote on specific parts of the pattern and left me a way to present the elements in various voices and contexts.

The basic outline of the series comes from four sermons I preached several years ago while teaching a small group of believers. The messages were received well at the time, and I hope they will be accepted equally well in this format by a diverse group of readers.

I have provided Questions for Reflection at the end of each essay. This allows the text to be read through without interruption plus used as an individual or group study with transformational opportunities for the reader. Information and inspiration are useful, but transformation is what excellent teaching is all about. My hope is that above all else, you will grow in Christ.

Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman, DBS
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