Sitting on Papa’s Lap

In our home, we have a Yorkie-poo named Princess. She rules the roost. I affectionately call her “Princess, the Wesleyan-Holiness Dog.” I call her that because with her grayish-white hair and piercing eyes, she looks somewhat like John Wesley. If you know anything about Yorkie-poos, you know they are very good apartment dogs, need onlyContinue reading “Sitting on Papa’s Lap”

Personal Gifts are the Best Because Life is Messy

My greatest gifts this year were personal gifts. They were seeing my aquaintences, friends, and family come through some hellish events and circumstances with a smile on their faces. I watched as many fought illnesses of one kind or another. They are still with us, finding reasons to smile in the everyday workd of painContinue reading “Personal Gifts are the Best Because Life is Messy”

Birthday Presents to My Fragile Self

I turned 65 today. I spent yesterday reflecting on the previous year, not in recapping the joys of victories won, although there were some, but instead lamenting areas of fragility I’m learning to come to terms with. Last year was the year of increased health issues that left me feeling vulnerable and weak. Nothing asContinue reading “Birthday Presents to My Fragile Self”